Ana Maria Pareja Royo
Ana Maria Pareja Royo
Ana Maria doing a photoshoot
Ana Maria doing a photoshoot

Since I was a kid, I’ve liked photography, but it was only when digital photography started that I took a more serious interest in the field, I started with a point and shoot camera documenting my kids’ first steps and activities, our family travels, and parties with friends. It was very easy to experiment and share the pictures with family and friends wherever they were in the world.


About 10 years ago, I bought my first DSRL camera and started learning about manual shooting and postprocessing. It became a passion; now I take my camera almost everywhere I go to make sure I take every opportunity to practice and learn new skills.


I love to travel with my family and enjoy taking pictures of what I see as a way to bring back with me all the wonderful places we visit and the amazing people we meet.

Over the last years, I have focused my work in commercial and real estate photography.

In this website you can find some of my commercial and real estate work as well as some of my travel and fun pictures that are available for purchase or download. Please feel free to share the albums on your social networks and follow me, all comments are welcome.


If you are interested in a product or real estate photoshoot, please contact me to get a quote. I have several packages available that we can accommodate to what you need.


All images and content are copyrighted, please contact me about licensing them to use on your projects or let me know if you are looking for something in particular. 

You can also find some of my work for licensing in Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock and Alamy.


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Ana Maria Pareja de Royo